Old Colorado City thrives today because of its merchants!

They work in conjunction with the Old Colorado City Foundation to make this national historic district just as lively today as it was during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush!

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Who is the OCCA?

Business owners who run businesses within the modern borders of Old Colorado City, from I-25 to 39th Street, can join the Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA). OCCA board members are elected yearly by the membership. The OCCA membership works together to promote its businesses, preserve the history of Old Colorado City and encourage cooperation among our businesses and institutions.

OCCA Mission Statement

To promote and represent businesses in Old Colorado City, to preserve the historic value of the area, and encourage growth and participation within the organization.

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OCCA Membership

Membership is open to any person/group conducting business from a location within the following boundaries:

  • Colorado Ave. from I-25 on the East
  • West to the Colorado Springs city limits (about 39th St.)
  • North to north side of Uintah Ave.
  • South to the south side of Cimarron/Hwy 24

OCCA membership dues are currently set at $207 per year plus an application fee of $35 in the first year. If your business address falls in this area, we invite you to fill out a membership application and submit it, along with $242 (cash or check), to the membership committee at the address on the application. Contact us with questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

OCCA is a Non-Profit membership based organization of local merchants and business persons working together to promote Old Colorado City.

Working Together

Please contact the membership committee for information on membership benefits and to schedule a visit. The OCCA offers many ways to help you win new customers, and we want to hear how we can help you bring more business to your business in Old Colorado City.

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